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Free Hot tub, Sauna and Swimming Pool for guests to relax in.

Hot tub pool



The sauna is lit daily in the early evening.


13 acres of land to explore at your leisure, comprising three separate fields which are gently sloping away from the farm house.

footpaths mown around fields

The middle field has two huge oak trees, from which we derived the name of Acorns and these provide a lovely spot from which to observe the local wildlife or have a peaceful picnic.

log seat under oaks

The edges of the fields have been left to grow wild over the last few years to encourage the natural flora to re-establish.



Early morning is the best time to see red deer. One guest counted 31 deer on his morning walk.

Red deer

Squirrel Fox Rabbit Badger Barn Owl




A table tennis table, is housed in the Cow Shed. Books, puzzles and board games are available to borrow during your stay.


There will be no refreshments available during 2023 season






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